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The Scholar's Quest Series

The Scholar's Quest is a Christian Fiction series set in Errat, a land where the Word of God is no longer available.  The books of what we know as the Bible have been destroyed, forgotten or hidden - and dark forces work to keep them that way.


The series will contain three books: The Way (Book One), The Truth (Book Two), and The Life (Book Three).

The Scholar's Quest: The Way (Book One) is available from Amazon now in both Kindle and paperback editions.  


The Truth (Book Two) is available from Amazon now in both Kindle and paperback editions.   


The Life (Book Three) will be available in Spring / Summer 2021.


Follow a group of adventurers, each with their own skills and problems, as they rediscover, reunite and study the Scriptures.  Learn the basic tenets of the Bible during a rollicking adventure across a world that has tried its best to forget and bury God.

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