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About the Author

Brad Rucker is a former Information Technology executive, sidelined by a rare disease, Neuroendocrine Tumor cancer (NET cancer for short).  He spent a forty year career with some of the world's top IT firms, leading teams that specialized in software development, user interface design and business process innovation.  He is the joint holder of two patents and has been a featured speaker on a number of industry panels, convention stages and television programs. 

Brad is married to a wonderful wife named Debbie, and between them they have seven children and twelve grandchildren.  Needless to say, holidays are a logistical nightmare at the Rucker home.  They live north of Dallas-Fort Worth and are the daily caregivers for three Havanese / Havanese-mix dogs: Chloe, Nelson and Wellington.


Brad's lifelong love of God's Word has motivated him to use his time to help others to read more of the Bible - and to better understand what they read.

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