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Why The Scholar's Quest?

Most Christians today do not know the basics of the Bible.  They may have access to great preaching, be led by solid and sincere elders, be exposed to excellent deacons, Bible study leaders and Sunday School teachers, but generally speaking, they do not read or examine the Bible themselves. 


Studies show that among Americans, as an example, only 20% claim to have read through the entire Bible at least once.  Even among professing Evangelical Christians, only 59% claim to read their Bible more than once a week.  Fewer still understand its structure, timelines, literary types or major themes.  

Most of us do not have the time to pause our career or duties long enough to attend a well-grounded seminary.  Few of us feel that we have the foundational skills necessary to even enroll.  And even if one started, how would one go about getting the most basic overview of the Bible before starting on a detailed study of Genesis or Matthew or Romans?

It is this need that the series The Scholar's Quest seeks to fill. 


The first of its kind, The Scholar's Quest Series is a work of 'Scription'.  It is fiction that seeks to teach truths about Holy Scripture, while doing so in an entertaining, yet scripturally-sound way.   

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